Beautiful Girl in Bagan ( Ariel Thuta-3 )

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 Ariel Thuta is Myanmar Model who only pose for magazines and advertisement. Modelling is one her hobby and she has other professional work to do. Check out more photos and don't forget to enlarge the picture

Ariel Thuta - Beautiful Girl in Bagan
Ariel Thuta - Beautiful Girl in Bagan

Ariel Thuta - Beautiful Girl in Bagan

Ariel Thuta - Beautiful Girl in Bagan
Fact : Ariel Thuta

She is not popular among myanmar fans but she is definitely popular among online photographer and the people who have sense of photography art. Her elegance beauty shape and her simple pose make the photos perfect. This photos are taken in Bagan (the ancient Kingdom of Burma ) and We are sorry that we can not give credit to photographer due to it has been shown unknown in other sources.
Ariel Thuta - Beautiful Girl in Bagan



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